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New Mercies Farm Stand!

Posted 10/21/2014 8:30am by Rodney Hornbake.

Farm stand by reservation!

Pick up Friday Oct 24


The farm stand by reservation works like this; On the weeks that we have produce available I will send out an email with a list of available produce. You would reserve the quantity and types you want by replying to the email then I will send you a confirmation. Once you've received your confirmation you will then come to the farm on the specified date and time to pick up your produce. We accept cash or check.

Farm stand by reservation will be held this Friday Oct 24 from 3p-6p at New Mercies Farm 256 Beaver Brook Rd, Lyme.  The deadline for reservations will be Thursday 9pm. 

Produce available this week:


Braising Greens/stir fry mix ($6/ 1/2lb bag)


Broccoli Raab($4/bu)

Green Beans ($5/lb)

Green Cabbage small heads ($1.75/lb)

Carrots ($3/lb)

Eggplant ($3/lb)

Garlic ($15/lb)

Kale ($4/bu)

Swiss Chard ($4/bu)

Sweet Red/Yellow/Green Peppers(Mix) $5/lb

Heirloom tomatoes ($5/lb)

Snow Peas!!!($4/ 1/2lb bag)

Snap Peas!!!($4/ 1/2lb bag)


Eggs ($6/dz)

Joshua Town Rd Maple syrup ($20/17oz - $7.75/3.38oz)

New Mercies Farm Honey ($5/half lb jar)

Michael Melillo

Land Steward

New Mercies Farm